Campaign Rules | War Clans | Quick Start Rules


Enter the World of
the WitchBorn

Play the campaign-based miniatures game with the rich storytelling you only find in roleplaying games. Dive into the Quick Start Rules to play a mini-adventure, then try the Campaign Rules with War Clans to really immerse yourself.


  • Quick Start Rules and the app to get playing faster
  • Campaign Rules cover building your war clan, warriors, combat, and playing adventures
  • War Clans has everything you need to know about Dwarf, Elf, Guild, Norn, Orc, and Paladin war clans—and of course—details on the WitchBorn
  • Hundreds of weapon types, armor, artifacts, and gear to buy as you win gold
  • Over 200 skills to choose from as your warriors level up


Get these rules, the first adventure, war clan rosters plus a gorgeous 46" x 39" battlemap. Learn more ➤