Daughters of Twilight™ Minis

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Don’t Call Them Dark Elves!

Unlock the mystical world of The WitchBorn® with the Daughters of Twilight™ Minis.

This set includes 8 exquisite Dark Elf miniatures, including 5 meticulously crafted in Reaper Bones® Black. Among these figures, you'll find one exclusive conversion from a metal sculpt, adding a unique touch to your collection.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting lore of The WitchBorn as you expand your gaming horizons with these finely detailed minis. Whether you’re a collector, a painter, or a tabletop enthusiast, these minis are an essential addition to your WitchBorn adventures.

Elevate your gaming experience and let the darkness of the Daughters of Twilight guide your way.

Bring the Daughters of Twilight to your Adventures
8 Reaper Bones miniatures, 5 in Bones Black
Assemble and paint to match your personal style
Exclusive Nightcloak conversion from a metal sculpt
Download the Dark Web PDF roster

Illustration: Web of Charms © 2024 by Brom. All rights reserved.
Miniatures: Reaper Miniatures © 2024 RMP Models ReaperMini.com  |  LLC In Canada: Silverfox/RAFM Miniatures www.rafm.com

Minis come unassembled and unpainted. Round bases are included.