The WitchBorn® Quick Start PDF Guide

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Dead Isn’t Dead. Not Anymore.

Perdition is overrun by demonic WitchBorn risen from the dead. Learn to survive a Dark Fantasy where you may be all that is left of your kind!

Your goal is simple. Just survive!

An airship crashes, jettisoning valuable cargo. Lead your war clan of Dwarves, Elves, Guild, Orcs, or Paladins to recover the treasure; but beware, the airship pilot is WitchBorn now!

Become part of the story and see how your warriors continually develop new skills and earn rare treasures. Get caught up in an experience that combines roleplaying with miniature skirmishes!

  • Learn the campaign-based minis game with unique and ever-changing tales
  • Get updates for Dwarf, Elf, Guild, Norn, Orc, or Paladin war clans PLUS try Dark Elves and Wanderers!
  • FREE! Web app for phone, tablet, laptop, or PC
  • Files for templates, combat rulers + more!
  • This PDF is licensed to share with up to 6 players


The WitchBorn® Enter Perdition™ with The Pit™ includes a printed Quick Start guide, the full rules, a gorgous 46" x 39" battlemap, dice, templates, and a whole lot more.