PDF Rosters—Enter Perdition™ Starter Bundle

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The Games Truly Start Here!

Rosters allow you to build your first war clans and warriors can earn new skills as they level up plus add new weapons, gear, artifacts, and mercenaries. The roster even expands as you add spellcasting rules. Update in the Aftermath so your adventures never have to end.


  • The 6 rosters included are the Elves Adamant (pictured first), Dwarves Ice, Elves Adamant, Guild Scroll, Norn Verdant, Orc Blood, and Paladins Chainmail designs
  • Also included are pregenerated rosters for the Quick Start game
  • PLUS pregenerated war clan rosters for new players to jump in and play without building a war clan first
  • This bundle is included Free with the purchase The WitchBorn® Enter Perdition™ with The Pit™ and The WitchBorn Essentials sets
  • Rosters expand for War Mage Diary™
  • PDF rosters work with free Adobe Acrobat Reader