The WitchBorn® Adventures

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Answer the Call of Perdition’s Grim Realm

WitchBorn spirits invade fresh corpses to walk again. You number among the few survivors—maybe all that’s left of your kind! Begin your campaign and take the battle back to The WitchBorn with 4 intricately interlocking adventures.

  • Ever-changing stories are told by unique web apps so everyone plays
  • For 2-6 players plus most games can be played solo
  • Get Campaign Rules for your continuing adventures
  • Includes guides to Dwarves, Elves, Guild, Norn, Orcs, and Paladins
  • Gorgeous battlemaps fold for easier storage
  • Double-sided templates and standup figures are included
  • Web apps run on phone, tablet, laptop, or PC
  • Get dice, condition markers, chits, combat rulers + more!

Begin with Enter Perdition™ and recover lost cargo in WitchBorn infested plains. An airship crashes in the desert. Race to recover the cargo the airship holds—but beware—the once gentle centaurs of the plains are WitchBorn now!

Visit the derelict cathedral converted to a tavern, known as The Pit™
A derelict cathedral has been converted into Perdition's last tavern. Tip the Oni bouncer and he'll be sure Broken Doll and the help take care of you. Cause trouble and he'll snap your neck. There are no WitchBorn here, so there's probably no better time for a beer!

SHHHHH! Your Lives Depend On It. Field of Screams™ is a cooperative adventure for 2-6 players where speaking might get you killed! Bring an outlaw to justice by crossing the Field of Screams where monstrous plains wyvern stalk and the scarecrows hide a sinister plot. 

Unearth a lost Dwarven kingdom. Seven Sleeping Kings is an expansive dungeon-crawl introducing the Children of the Moon,™ mutated wolves ferociously guarding their hunting grounds from intruders.

And battle The WitchBorn® with spells from a leather-bound tome of magic

  • The 288 page leather-bound volume adds the power of magic to your war clans
  • Choose from over 100 spells in 6 magnitudes
  • Pick from pages of arcane gear, wands, and unreal beasts
  • Become a Necromancer, enchant gear, bring Golems to life, plus more with sorcerous new skills
  • Dramatically display spell effects with over 100 templates

The WitchBorn® Adventures promises boundless excitement. Shape your destiny, embrace the magic, and answer the call of adventure!