The WitchBorn® Essentials Minis

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An Essential Way to Enter This Dark Fantasy

In The WitchBorn® game, each player builds their own war clan of Dwarves, Elves, Guild, Norn, Orcs, or Paladins. Think of these as small adventuring parties—except—each player thinks they are the last warriors of their kind.

Plus you’re going to get denizens of The Kasel Plains like a troll, WitchBorn centaurs, brigands, and even a scorched airship pilot who is WitchBorn now.

  • The WitchBorn Essentials Minis set includes 113 Reaper® Bones Minis (a $450 value!)
  • Each of the six war clans includes 8 minis, complete with round bases to be used in all of The WitchBorn adventures
  • 16 Plains Denizens that you may encounter in the Enter Perdition adventure
  • Add to that The WitchBorn War Mages, 6 minis to represent your spellcasters
  • And last, get 42 minis specifically to populate The Pit adventure—get bouncers, patrons, drinking companions, and several strange discoveries
  • Round bases are included for all figures