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War Mages

Exclusive from Reaper: a Bones Black Shaman! Plus a cool Shadow Mage, a badass Monk, a Spellsinger, Druid, and Hammer of Dur for War Mage Diary spells. Includes US shipping.




NEW! Reaper Bones minis for the new spells from the War Mage Diary Kickstarter. Yours with FREE US shipping.




Breathe life into a construct of straw, fabric, clay, iron, stone, or bazurite. Your Golem is mindless but performs as bodyguard, soldier, and servant. US shipping is free.



Daughters of Twilight Bundle

Get 8 Reaper® Bones Miniatures—5 in Bones Black!—the Dark Elf guide, a PDF roster, templates, and premium Deep Purple dice all with FREE US shipping.



Daughters of Twilight Minis

New! Get 8 Dark Elf minis—5 in Reaper Bones Black—with one exclusively converted from a metal sculpt for The WitchBorn. Includes US shipping.



Dark Fae

New! Get Dark Fae Reaper Bones minis to go with your Daughters of Twilight rules. Features the Black Annis, Sluagh, Cait Sidhe, and the orb-weaver. Includes US shipping.



Brom Autographed Daughters of Twilight Bundle

The Daughters of Twilight™ autographed by acclaimed fantasy artist Brom. Plus 8 Dark Elf minis, rules, templates, a PDF roster, and Deep Purple dice. Includes US shipping.



Campaign Rules Bundle

Get the 140-page Campaign Rules book, condition markers to track health, one combat ruler, over 50 templates, PLUS the PDF Quick Start Rules. Includes free US shipping.




Add exotic Faeries like a Dryad or Sylph to your Elven war clan plus the finest mount in all Perdition—but only Elven maidens may ride! Includes US shipping.



Spirit Fox

New! Meet a mischievous trickster with many supernatural powers. The Shapedhifting fox takes the appearance of a beautiful Nezumi maiden with a fox-like aspect. Includes US shipping.



Enter Perdition Core Minis

Add 65 Reaper Bones minis, 2 combat rulers, attack dice, condition markers, a turn cup, and over 90 templates for The NEW Enter Perdition! US Shipping is FREE.



Enter Perdition Booster

In Enter Perdition, encounters get tougher as your war clan tops 200 in value. Get the extra WitchBorn and monsters you may face. Includes US shipping.