Daughters of Twilight


Just Don’t Call Them Dark Elves!

Far beneath tortured Perdition lays a honeycomb of twisting turnnels and deep caverns. Venture from a dark and Hidden Realm to brave the blinding light of The WitchBorn ravaged world. These are the Daughters of Twilight.

  • Duel with rapiers to dispatch dangerous foes
  • Wield long lost eldritch magick
  • Unearth secrets for shaping living weapons and armor
  • Recruit exotic Dark Fae like the carrion-eating Boggart, mimicking Fetch, or sinister Sluagh
  • Or transform meek and worthless males into terrifying spider-centaurs!

Limited Edition PDF

These advance rules are available in a limited edition to those who missed the Daughters of Twilight Kickstarter. Get the 28-page guide, templates, and a roster to create your own war clan.