Children of the Moon


Digital Rules Early Release!

Wulfs are an essential part of the upcoming Seven Sleeping Kings adventure—so build your new pack NOW!

Mawu wept. The wolf goddess looked down to see her children starving. Unlike men, wolves walked on all fours and lacked the facility to wage war against The WitchBorn.® On the night of the full moon, Mawu’s tears blended with the mists of Perdition’s Gate. From these mists her children strode forth, massive and sleek as dire wolves; but walking upright with graceful gaits like men.

  • Wulfs are mutants shaped by magic
  • See how the mists warp and transform your pack
  • All communicate through Mind Speech
  • Males have the fighting skills you need like Long Reach and Hew plus there is the savage Brute—a monster of unbridled power
  • Females bend the magick of the mists to their whims to rule the Northlands
  • Weapons are primitive—but who needs them when you can hurl projectiles with your mind?!

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