War Mage Diary


Updated Rules Are Here!

  • Learn 20 powerful new spells; 100 spells in all
  • Exciting changes! You’ll love the newest Firebrand and Enchant spells. Pit foes against each other with Dissension. Dispel all magic at once with Quell. And draw clear distinctions between Wind Walk, Fly, and Vortex (hint: Vortex rocks!)
  • Spells are written more simply and concisely for Enter Perdition
  • All-new, easier to identify templates
  • Unlocks the spellcaster skills found in the Campaign Rules
  • 66 Page PDF; download the newest any time the rules are updated
  • Your existing roster expands to include your mage’s repertoire of spells


War Mage Diary features excerpts from the private notes of one of Perdition’s greatest spellcasters. Learn battle magic, Vonnoh’s healing spells, and even sample the dark arts. Get exclusive access to the 5 schools of magic: Death, Divine, Earth, Fire, Sky & Water and wreak untold havoc!