War Mage Diary


We Are At War!

The fight against The WitchBorn grows more desperate. Only magic can save Perdition! Join as Aric Stonemason teaches over one hundred spells from the elemental, the dark, and the Divine. War Mage Diary also warns of the dangers The WitchBorn pose to Lhyonnesse, Kasel, Asylum, the Wandering Forest, and all of Perdition. This compendium includes ancient lore, new skills, arcane gear, and Unreal Beasts.

  • FIRST TIME IN PRINT. 288 leather-bound pages in a heavy slipcase to hold all the extras!
  • “Battle Magic” includes over 100 spells to blast, summon, dispel, and humble your foes
  • Thumb through page after page of arcane gear and Unreal Beasts 
  • Add magic wands attuned to your spellcaster
  • Become a Necromancer, tame a dragon, and bring Golems to life 
  • Dramatically display your spell effects with over 100 double-sided templates

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