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Don’t Call Them Dark Elves!

Far beneath tortured Perdition lays a honeycomb of twisting tunnels and deep caverns. For centuries, we toiled here as outcasts without the touch of the sun, our skin pallid, our eyes vibrant as gemstones. Unknowing mortals mistakenly label us “Dark Elves.“

Lead our courageous sisters from our dank and Hidden Realm to brave the blinding light of The WitchBorn ravaged world.

Duel with rapiers to dispatch dangerous foes, wield long lost eldritch magick, and unearth secrets for shaping living weapons and armor. Recruit exotic Dark Fae like the carrion-eating Boggart, mimicking Fetch, or sinister Sluagh. Arcane ritual forever transforms meek and worthless males into terrifying spider-centaurs.

Don’t call us Dark Elves. We live between the darkness below and the brightness above. We are the Daughters of Twilight.

Bring balance with the mysterious Dark Elves of the Hidden Realm
Includes the gorgeous 28-page rule book
Add 8 Reaper Bones miniatures, 5 in Bones Black
Get the premium Deep Purple dice
Plus exclusive templates
Download the Dark Web PDF roster

Cover illustration: Web of Charms © 2024 by Brom. All rights reserved.
Miniatures: Reaper Miniatures © 2024 RMP Models ReaperMini.com  |  LLC In Canada: Silverfox/RAFM Miniatures www.rafm.com

Minis come unassembled and unpainted. Round bases are included.