Paladins, Holy Knights of Equinar™ PDF Guide

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The Greatest Strength Lies Not in the Sword But in the Heart

Since the The WitchBorn® emergence, Paladins are reborn to fight these undead that taint Perdition. Paladins are a knightly Order who live by the seven chivalrous ideals, bolstered by the Church of Equinar.

Evil Flourishes. 
But Death Does Not Hold Answers.

  • MASSIVE RE-IMAGINING! The Paladins get their Third Edition release with a 53-page guide!
  • Follow the Paladin Code of Valor to become fearless in the face of The WitchBorn
  • Knights are the most valiant warriors yet
  • Ride noble steeds, championing the weak and innocent
  • Invite Squires, Archers, Rangers, Knights Errant, and Monks on your Holy Quest to save Perdition
  • Defend the frontiers and join forces with Nari Avengers, the native centaurs of plains who bear a terrible grudge against The WitchBorn
  • Paragon rules include Dwarven Knights Errant who feel Uresh must be extinguished along with The WitchBorn plus a new take on even better Rangers
  • This PDF is licensed to share with up to 6 players

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