Plains Wyvern Minis

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Beware the Terrifying Predators of the Plains!

Plains wyvern combine the unsettling qualities of snakes and centipedes while rivaling The WitchBorn® in ferocity. 

Unintelligent males are single-minded in their quest to attract the favor of their queen. The serpentine beasts are enormous—waist high—but up to twenty-five strides long! Incredible senses detect vibrations as faint as rabbits padding across the downs. Plains wyvern are supple, agile, fast, and bold. They strike down large prey like wild horses or buffalo in a snap. 

Plains wyvern react to vibrations caused by motion and sound. You had better stay very still!

Bring Scale Miniatures to Your Adventures
Includes 2 unassembled Reaper Bones minis ready to paint without priming
Green-scaled to bluish males are young and least threatening; gray or black scales are the badge of the venerable and crafty
Queens are instantly recognizable for white scales; only fools mess with the queen!
Competing males offering meaty morsels (about the size of a warrior) to the queen as an offering during mating season
Assemble on supplied round bases and paint the figures to match your personal style

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Minis come unassembled and unpainted. Round bases are included.