The Pit™ Adventure Guide

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The Pit™ first appeared with a classic vinyl battlemap and PDF guide. Since then, Enter Perdition™ with The Pit™ introduced the first printed guide. Get the guide plus templates for your classic set or just an extra book to share with your gaming group!

Welcome to Perdition’s Last Tavern!

A derelict cathedral was christened “The Pit” when the floor collapsed into the catacombs. The crater has become a tavern where ale flows faster than curses or money. Tip the Oni bouncer with a small rabbit and he’ll make sure Broken Doll and The Help take care of you. 

Cause trouble and he’ll snap your neck.

A table is set aside for Dark Trader, a Guild Master with access to muscle, magic, and every secret no matter how carefully guarded.

The bar is a dark carnival. So there’s probably no better time for a beer.

Every Great Adventure Starts In a Tavern—Here’s Yours!

  • Get your 32-page guide
  • Discover The Pit, a tavern like no other
  • Besides the infinitely replayable intro adventure, enjoy 3 additional scenarios including a foul group known as The Coven, who seek vengeance from Dark Trader
  • 5 sheets of Double-sided templates and standup figures plus 32 stands
  • FREE! Web app for phone, tablet, laptop, or PC

Get Ready to Eat, Drink, and Brawl!