The Pit™ with Nightfall™ Classic

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Welcome to Perdition’s Last Tavern!

Visit the derelict cathedral converted to a tavern, known as The Pit.™ Tip the Oni bouncer and he'll be sure Broken Doll and the help take care of you. Cause trouble and he'll snap your neck. Meet Dark Trader, a Guild Master with access to muscle, magic, and carefully guarded secrets. There are no WitchBorn here, so there's probably no better time for a beer!

Every Great Adventure Starts In a Tavern—The Pit™ is Yours!

  • The classic vinyl battlemap rolls out to a whopping 46" x 39"
  • Discover The Pit,™ a tavern like no other
  • Get your 32-page, printed guide
  • Besides the infinitely replayable intro adventure, enjoy 3 additional scenarios including a foul group known as The Coven, who seek vengeance from Dark Trader
  • Get 5 sheets of Double-sided templates and standup figures plus 32 stands
  • FREE! Web app for phone, tablet, laptop, or PC
  • Get Ready to Eat, Drink, and Brawl!

Then, Battle to Save Hundreds of Innocent Lives! 

A WitchBorn army is threatening the walls of Asylum so Dark Trader and Brother Asylum ask you to hunt for an infiltrator holding the key to stopping the onslaught. You’re in a desperate race to find a Norn girl named Tatiana before she escapes Asylum carrying The Daimyo’s Soul Amulet.

Hurry! The citizens of Asylum are counting on you!

  • Use the same classic vinyl battlemap as The Pit
  • Download the PDF rules in a guide licensed to share among up to 6 players
  • Play solo or cooperatively—a Game Master is recommended
  • Challenges are tough and the rewards are even better!
  • Meet the Daimyo’s minions through the web app for phone, tablet, laptop, or PC
  • Save Asylum from The Daimyo and his WitchBorn!