The WitchBorn® War Clan Minis

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War Clans: Dwarves

Style: 8 Reaper Bones Minis

WitchBorn Spirits Invade Fresh Corpses to Walk Again

You number among the few survivors—maybe all that’s left of your kind. Build your war clan and battle to take your world back! 

Choose  Minis from 6 War Clans

Dwarves—The first people of Perdition trace their lineage back to Dur. Yet, they face a disturbing reality. They are a dying race. Prepare your clan against The WitchBorn® menace and prepare for the final battle.

Elves—As observers and protectors, Elves safeguard the ancient woodlands, monitor the rise and fall of species, and chronicle history. Foremost, Elves ensure mankind thrives so your clan must find the way to end The WitchBorn!®

Guild—Before the Cataclysm, a secret syndicate formed in the shadowy fringes just beneath society’s notice. They called themselves the Guild. The rat-like humanoids seek only wealth and are willing to stop anyone in the way.

Norn—The Fates gave beleaguered humankind The Change, becoming monstrous creatures that are half-man, half-beast. But today their lands sit on the breaking point. And there may only be one last hurrah before The WitchBorn® bring extinction.

Orcs—Long before the Cataclysm, an army emerged from the south to forge a vast empire. Put an end to The WitchBorn® and become the feared rulers of Elves and men once again.

Paladins—Since The WitchBorn® emergence, Paladins are reborn to fight these undead that taint Perdition. Paladins are a knightly Order dedicated to chivalric ideals, bolstered by the Church of Equinar.

Enter the Dark Fantasy

  • Each war clan is sold separately or bundled in the Enter Perdition™ Core Minis set 
  • Sets include 8 Reaper Bones minis; ready to paint without priming
  • Assemble on supplied round bases and paint the figures to match your personal style
  • Build your war clan and bring them to your campaign, starting with Enter Perdition™


Minis come unassembled and unpainted. Round bases are included. Sometimes a figure of equal or greater value is substituted for the pictured mini based on availability.

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