The WitchBorn® Enter Perdition™ with The Pit™

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Enter the Dark Fantasy

WitchBorn spirits invade fresh corpses to walk again. And you number among the few survivors—maybe all that’s left of your kind!

Start with Enter Perdition™ and recover lost cargo in WitchBorn infested plains
Ever changing stories are told by unique web apps so no GM is needed. Play with two to six war clans or solo. And battle to take your world back!

  • Campaign Rules for your continuing adventures
  • Guides to Dwarves, Elves, Guild, Norn, Orcs, and Paladins
  • The gorgeous battlemap folds for easier storage
  • Double-sided templates and standup figures
  • FREE! Web apps for phone, tablet, laptop, or PC
  • Dice, condition markers, chits, combat rulers + more!

Visit the derelict cathedral converted to a tavern, known as The Pit™
A derelict cathedral has been converted into Perdition's last tavern. Tip the Oni bouncer and he'll be sure Broken Doll and the help take care of you. Cause trouble and he'll snap your neck. Meet Dark Trader, a Guild Master with access to muscle, magic, and carefully guarded secrets. There are no WitchBorn here, so there's probably no better time for a beer!