War Mage Diary™

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We Are At War!

Our enemy is undead and seemingly limitless, stealing our bodies even as we fall on the field of battle, stealing our strength, stealing our wisdom, stealing our training, and sometimes even stealing our memories. We organize and plot. But how can we ever hope to succeed without the power that magic brings against The WitchBorn® threat?

Battle The WitchBorn with Spells and Artifacts from this 288-page leather-bound Tome of Magic
Choose from over 100 spells in 6 magnitudes
Pick from page-after-page of arcane gear, wands, and Unreal Beasts
Become a Necromancer, enchant gear, bring Golems to life, plus more with sorcerous new skills
Dramatically display spell effects with over 100 templates

Add the power of magic to your war clans!