Your lives depend on it!

Seven Sleeping Kings

The most challenging adventure yet!

The Greatest Strength Lies Not in the Sword But in the Heart

Paladins Re-Imagined!


Third Edition Wulfs are here!

Don’t Call Us Dark Elves

We Are the Daughters of Twilight

Free Discovery Apps

Random discoveries reveal what your warriors see and hear. Also get the notes you need for every odd character you meet, from an undead horse thief swinging from a hangman’s noose to an Orc who wants to rescue a girl who can raise the dead.

Try the web app on your phone, tablet, laptop, or PC.

  • The app replaces a Game Master (even play solo!)
  • The story unfolds through random encounters
  • Plus get over 100 random wound and oops results

The WitchBorn® PDF Rosters

The game starts here! Rosters allow your warriors to earn new skills as they level up plus add new weapons, gear, artifacts, and mercenaries. Rosters even expand when you add War Mage Diary.™ Update in the Aftermath so your adventures never have to end.

  • Over 1000 customizable fields and hidden icons
  • Multiple color schemes
  • Free Enter Perdition™ Starter Bundle with demo rosters
  • Rosters expand for War Mage Diary™
  • PDF rosters work with free Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Get tips on creating your roster on YouTube

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